1. Installation of the HYCOBOLT is a simple two stage procedure. The HYCOBOLT assembly is easily positioned into the coupling hole with a predetermined clearance condition.

2. The internal surface of the Sleeve and external mating surface of the Bolt are tapered. By pulling the Bolt through the Sleeve the action of the taper causes the outside diameter of the Sleeve to be expanded to take up the clearance and achieve a controlled fully fitted condition.

The Expansion Bridge locates the Sleeve and HYCOBOLT assembly in the correct position. A predefined pressure is applied to the compact Hydraulic Tensioner to pull the Bolt through the Sleeve.

3. With the Nuts assembled onto each end, the HYCOBOLT can be fully tensioned using the compact Hydraulic Tooling. A controlled and balanced axial load is quickly and safely introduced across both sides of the coupling.

4. Removal of the HYCOBOLT is again a simple two stage procedure. De-tensioning of the HYCOBOLT and release of the first nut is a reverse of the above installation stage. The separation of the Sleeve and Bolt is achieved by Oil Injection of their internal taper surfaces.

Following separation the Sleeve returns to its original diameter allowing easy removal of the HYCOBOLT assembly in a clearance condition. An alternative mechanical Sleeve releasing method is also provided.

Drawing of Hycobolt hydraulic coupling bolt